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  • Assorted Truffle

Assorted Truffle Box

Why stop at our Champagne Truffle when we have over a dozen other varieties, each as delicious? The Assorted Truffle Box offers the opportunity to taste a wide variety of our all-natural, meticulously hand-crafted truffles. From the meltingly smooth classics like milk and dark to the toffee-flavored sweetness of our Butter Crunch truffle, each confection is filled with the richest ganaches and the most exquisite flavors.

Assortments include:
Champagne Truffles
Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Truffles
Butter Crunch Truffles
Bailey’s Irish Cream Truffles
Almond Truffles
Orange Truffles
Walnut and Cocoa Truffles
Seasonal selections such as Extra-Butter, Cinnamon and Lemon

Imported from Switzerland

FRESHNESS & CARE: Our truffles are best consumed within 10 days of receipt, please schedule your delivery accordingly. For storage, keep in a cool, dry place and do not refrigerate.